serialbabbler (serialbabbler) wrote,

Can't Tell the Smiling Politician from the Smiling Mortician*

So they talk about awareness
And they talk about Other with a capital "O"
And they talk about privilege that isn't power
And they talk about closing Guantanamo in a year
And they talk about how everything is going to be better now
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Until I feel bludgeoned by words
Because all I can think about is how another year in Guantanamo
Is too long for anyone
Even if they aren't being tortured.

I want privilege that is power

And they talk about war
And they talk about peace
While the bombs fall
When the bombs stop
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Words like water
Washing away the screams

I want more than a white skin that never even got me to the door

And they talk about the economy
Lay the blame at my feet for not buying enough or buying too much
And they talk about Madoff
And they talk about Chrysler in the same breath
Because the Rustbelt is just a giant ponzi scheme
Made of people who don't matter
And they talk about bringing new industry in
Like it's as easy as changing your shirt
And they talk about education being the answer
But, you know, I'm just not that smart
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Words that won't mean anything
When the food runs out

And they talk about taking responsibility
And they talk about recreating ourselves
And they talk about change
But the words all sound the same
As they talk and they talk and they talk

*The World Is a Beautiful Place
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