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Random Rambling from an Untamed Mind

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19th August 2009

11:19pm: And I thought the ones people made up were funny....
"For the 2003 holiday season, Mattel produced at least seven Barbie Play Sets with a shopping theme. In addition to the one featured on the cover to this book, Let's Grocery Shop! Barbie, were Toy Store Barbie, Sweet Shoppin' Barbie, Shop & Style Fashion Barbie, Beauty Parlor Barbie, Chic Shoe Store Barbie, and Donut Shop Barbie." -from Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood by Susan Linn

Chic Shoe Store Barbie? Let's Grocery Shop Barbie?! Donut Shop Barbie?!! *Insert uncontrollable giggling here*

4th August 2009

3:48pm: No, really.
The other day I was watching some sort of doctor show on PBS. They were talking about how great it is that musicians and concert goers are now wearing ear plugs to protect their hearing. Which leaves me with a profound question. Why don't they just turn the fucking volume down?

On a totally unrelated note, when I look at the blurb on the back of a book and the language is described as "hallucinogenic", I don't have any desire to read that book. See, I prefer books that don't make me hallucinate. Thanks anyway.

Humans are weird.

18th June 2009

10:03am: Stupid quote of the day
"Hundreds of buildings were left vacant by the nearly one million residents who have left."

So there were nearly a million people living in just hundreds of houses? Talk about your overcrowding.

(Admittedly, they might have meant larger buildings... how many people does the average apartment complex hold, I wonder.)

28th May 2009

3:29pm: Quote of the Day
"There's nothing like being locked away in three psychiatric units and crying in front of most of London to help you lose your inhibitions..." -from Shoot the Damn Dog: A Memoir of Depression by Sally Brampton

I suspect beer is cheaper, though.

5th April 2009

3:40pm: Oh my.
"Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK, adds that almost any shared activity is likely to promote interpersonal closeness. 'It doesn't have to be tying up your partner or placing clamps on their nipples, it could be something as simple as cooking a meal together or even doing the housework as a duo,' he says." -from Spanking 'brings couples together'

Humans are seriously weird.

4th April 2009

8:11pm: Hee hee.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Frank!

  1. There are now more than 4000 satellites orbiting frank.
  2. Fish travel in schools, but whales travel in frank.
  3. Some people in Malaysia bathe their babies in beer to protect them from frank!
  4. It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same frank.
  5. It's bad luck to put frank on a bed!
  6. Frankicide is the killing of frank.
  7. American Airlines saved forty thousand dollars a year by eliminating frank from each salad served in first class!
  8. A sixteenth century mathematician lost his nose in a duel over his love for frank, and wore a silver replacement for the rest of his life.
  9. Frank is the smallest of Jupiter's many moons!
  10. Banging your head against frank uses 150 calories an hour.
I am interested in - do tell me about

27th February 2009

10:27am: 'Nother one
It's supposed to be your life as a film soundtrack.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, Zune, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
"Speak to Me" (Aimee Bayles)
That being the point of the movie, I guess.

Waking Up:
"Build a Levee" (Natalie Merchant)
Ummm... I do usually have a pretty full bladder in the morning.

First Day of School:
"Go to Sea Once More" (Roger McGuinn)
Guess the levee didn't work.

Falling in Love:
"Chincoteague Chick-a-dee" (Jon Shain)
Er- I think I must have missed that scene.

Fight Song:
"A la Mort/Monstra" (The King's Singers)
Think I'll win?

Breaking Up:
"Flowers of Peace" (Pete Seeger and Anne Hills)
I'm glad it ended on a friendly note.

"I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes" (The Carter Family)
Really I spent the night hanging out in the bathroom because I was sick...

"Palestrina: Ascendo ad Patrum" (Dennis Keene)
Sounds very uplifting.

Mental Breakdown:
"Nashville" (The Moon Seven Times)
Nashville isn't that bad, is it?

"Colossus" (Afro Celt Sound System)
Well, if I did drive, an armored truck sounds like a good choice. A very large armored truck.

"Sold My Soul" (Jill Sobule)
Didn't get much for it either.

Getting Back Together:
"The Mermaids Tears" (Anne Roos)
Now why'd we have to go and ruin a perfectly good break up?

"Morphing Thru Time" (Enigma)
Can't stop long. I'm in a hurry.

Birth of Child:
"Sh'ma Yisrael" (Chorale Mystique)
It's a mitzvah. What can you do?

Final Battle:
"Year of the Dragon" (Kate & Anna McGarrigle)
I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna win.

Death Scene:
"I Was Thinking" (Draiocht)
Yes, let's stop and think about this for a minute.

Funeral Song:
"Percy Sang" (George Mann and Julius Margolin)
Who's Percy again?

26th February 2009

1:14pm: Shed Your Skin...
or snagging other people's internet games because I apparently have nothing better to do:

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


"Rave On" (Steeleye Span)
That means 'yes', right?

"Beautiful People" (Melanie)
No self-esteem problems here. Nuh-uh.

"Trouble at Home" (Trace Wiren)
Well, really, I don't like much of anything in a guy/girl. So I guess that works... sorta.

"Mit den Frau'n auf Du und Du" (Emmerich Kalman and Franz Lehar)
According to Babel Fish this can be directly translated as "With the Frau' n on you and you". *snicker*

"Enchantment" (Wimme)
That sounds kind of cool.

"Study War No More" (Joel Mabus)
So far so good.

"Soquema (Bulerias)"
Er- I'll ask them again when they're more awake.

"Love is the Answer" (Gandalf)

"Northfield/Pass on the Music" (John McCutcheon and Tom Chapin)
I really don't know that much about Northfield... But okay.

"Mwashah" (Hamza El Din)
Er- Could you ask me again when I'm more awake?

"My True Love's Hair" (Anne Roos)
I'm really not that into hair, to be honest.

"Loving Earth" (Jeff Schwartz)
No, no. I've always preferred the idea of being water.

"Harry Bail" (Barbara Schutzgruber)
Interesting choice.

"Last Song for Mother" (Nanci Griffith)
Oh, dear. That doesn't sound entirely healthy as hobbies go.

"Hanacpachap" (Hesperus)
And here I thought it was other people.

"Rain" (Dennis Schaecher)
You didn't already know about that, right?

"True Story" (Kat Eggleston)
Well, yeah. Actually I would kind of like that.

"Under My Eyes" (Carol Noonan Band)
I seeee you.

"Shed Your Skin" (Indigo Girls)

23rd February 2009

5:15pm: Stupid quote of the day again...
"People who don't succeed are the ones who give up," she said. "I am not giving up."

Er- I think that should have been "People who give up are the ones who don't succeed."

But, hey, the order of the words doesn't really change the meaning. Right?

10th February 2009

4:13pm: Stupid quote of the day...
"He was in a medicine-induced coma as a protective measure, and the medicine was being reduced to see how his organism responded," he said. "That didn’t mean he was going to wake up. He was in shock and that got worse last night, until he stopped responding and entered into cardiac and respiratory failure."

Er- How his organism responded? *blink blink*

4th February 2009

11:30pm: A link:
To my visual art... just in case anybody who hasn't already got it, wants it.

Serialbabbler’s art gallery

24th January 2009

12:27pm: Quote
"But that's the problem with words. Once you let them out of your mouth, there's no taking them back again." -from Dingo by Charles de Lint

23rd January 2009

1:55am: Can't Tell the Smiling Politician from the Smiling Mortician*
So they talk about awareness
And they talk about Other with a capital "O"
And they talk about privilege that isn't power
And they talk about closing Guantanamo in a year
And they talk about how everything is going to be better now
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Until I feel bludgeoned by words
Because all I can think about is how another year in Guantanamo
Is too long for anyone
Even if they aren't being tortured.

I want privilege that is power

And they talk about war
And they talk about peace
While the bombs fall
When the bombs stop
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Words like water
Washing away the screams

I want more than a white skin that never even got me to the door

And they talk about the economy
Lay the blame at my feet for not buying enough or buying too much
And they talk about Madoff
And they talk about Chrysler in the same breath
Because the Rustbelt is just a giant ponzi scheme
Made of people who don't matter
And they talk about bringing new industry in
Like it's as easy as changing your shirt
And they talk about education being the answer
But, you know, I'm just not that smart
And they talk and they talk and they talk
Words that won't mean anything
When the food runs out

And they talk about taking responsibility
And they talk about recreating ourselves
And they talk about change
But the words all sound the same
As they talk and they talk and they talk

*The World Is a Beautiful Place

4th January 2009

12:24pm: Livejournal haiku series
that age will bring all
my butterflies down one by one
leaving me with time

know myself like i
know myself like i know the
sun warm radiance

might possibly be
some new poetry sometime
or other soon yep

5th October 2008

7:02pm: A series of poems for FoA
None of them are exactly what you were looking for, but, eh, what can you do? *grin* Oh, and some of them I just included for the fun of it.

Is the apex of human civilization:
Empty lots,
Broken concrete,
Dead factories,
Dying cities,
Grey dust,
Forgotten dreams...

And a deep sky full of scattered stars
That we no longer see.


Mornings stand straight.
Days slouch.
Evenings just slither under the door
Totally tired out.
It's a bummer when you're born into the evening
With the ruin all worked out
And only midnight racket to look forward to.
Into the night we go.


Desert winds do blow
To eternity's seas that flow
In an endless loop.
Time is an hourglass
Flipped quickly as the minutes pass
And shifting sands regroup.
Always, we are growing,
Breaking down, and slowing

As seasons soar and swoop.
It's all an endless loop.


Each eon flashes by with no apparent effort
And mountains are beaten down by an ecstatic sea
Bent on slipping in between every crack
Until only grains of sand are left
To be blown about by an egalitarian wind.
There are no elites here.
Still this world does not exemplify entropy
For it will all build up again.
A million years is nothing but a minor change in scenery
Engendered by the steady flow that is existence.


I am minute,
But the edifice is smaller.
It's just a man made thing
Meant to simulate
True creation.
We devise vast halls of concrete
With gilded ceilings,
But the sky will always be wider
Even when we can't see it
Through the glitter.
In the end colossi are just statues
That cannot stand against the mountains
Even when we tear the mountains down
To build them.
It's all a kind of trestle to make us feel
Greater than we are.
I am minute,
But the edifice is smaller.


There isn’t any reason to listen as
hours pass into days,
each one ticking off the untapped time.

not meant
to be held.
Eternity is an illusion of

Cracks seem to appear,
leaping out at a mind
out of its depth.
Cocks crow in triumph each morning,
keeping the sun up.

Cracks grow
in the
meditation of well-
earned repentance as
day dawns once more.

Time to awaken.
Head for the door.
End your rest.

Haste is not needed, for each
ounce of time flows
uphill while
reaching forever.


Rampant creation is not so different
From destruction.
Corrupt decay may seem on another day
Ornate irony that looks to us designed.
All we can know.


Vacant looks
Vacant lots
Vacant houses
Vacant factories looming
Over vacant neighborhoods
And vacant schools
No money left to tear them down
Or start anew

Abandoned gardens grow
Under layers of trash
Years of neglect
Lost beginnings
Beginning again
Revived by absence
The inner city
Will not die so easily


Gravity torments sand into slipping
Through an ever narrowing gap.
This glittering cascade slowly sinking
With a nearly silent rasp
Against the glass
Is meant to represent time.
The hollow depletion
As seconds spin away
From the center while the edges fall inward,
Is no different than my dying skin cells
Flaking off by the millions.
Time made solid.
Ticking away,
Slipping away.
Only sand, shrugging off my endearments,
Shushing my savage threats.
I am but passive observer of the process...

And yet

I can stop the sand.
Make it trickle back from whence it came
With a simple movement of my hand.
Can it really be said
That time stops for no man?


Construct an edifice
Venerate it
Then tear it down
And start again.
We are not so very far removed
From ants or children.
We revere the building
Not the built,
But we use up our world
In the process
And conserve nothing except growth.
Interfere with the progress,
Disrupt ontogenesis
And you kill the cancer.


If you hold on tight enough,
Then life should leave an imprint on your hand,
Burning tracks of meaning,
But when I search my own palm
All I see are the lines I was born with,
Each is a little deeper maybe,
But still the same.
I cannot hold it.
The scars are elsewhere.
I cannot hold it.
Answers slip away
And how do you know I’ve ever been here
And how do I know
I even lived today.
Does any of it matter
When life just slips away?


There are moments when it all seems to teeter,
No option looks to have more power,
Any result could still prevail.
Gateways, tipping points,
Moments when everything hangs
This is not one of those.
Nervy choice was made long ago
And made again.
We can be peeved at those who did the choosing,
But never will accost them,
For they are long gone.
Only rambunctious voices remain.


Just another minute
In just another day
Nothing to distinguish
It's shape in any way.

And maybe this is when it all changes
Maybe this is the moment when the mind disengages
Blue sky seared into wide eyes
While sirens scream...
Rapid movement, incomprehensible, perverse,
Unavoidable capture by life's pending curse

Maybe not.

Just another minute
In just another day
Nothing to distinguish
It's shape in any way.


A man stood at the top
Of a loooong
Flight of stairs
Poised for a major ruckus.

The bottom was too far away to see.
It might have been lost in time.
The bottom was too far away for memory.

He thought he must've started where he stood
'Cause the good didn't need to climb.

There wasn't anyplace higher to go
No more up to explore.
A deranged load could bring him down
And maybe that's all he was for.

The bottom was too far away to see.
It might have been lost in time.
The bottom was too far away for memory.

He thought he could cope with a looong fall
'Cause the good just don't need to climb.


The real estate agents are selling fidelity.
No irony there.
Freudian slips are a million miles away.
They know just exactly what they mean to say.
You reap what you sow.
Looks like another empty house to me
In an empty row
Waiting to be
Keep going this way
Someday we'll have the satire of a ghost town.
All the red tags faded to grey.
All the people blown
Wherever the dust goes
When the roots are gone.


They say it's not creative,
Just a durative aspect
Of somebody else's "new thing",
A derivative construct.
They don't see that
Each time,
Each time a new pair of hands
Reaches to shape the old ways
We are remade.
Topple the past
And all you get is broken under the rubble.
Everything sizable has been seen
Before the coming.
Lambaste it if you will.
Manage it if you must.
But don't tell me it's not creation
When the many make each their own.


The end is near! The end is near!
Don't think I'm ready yet
I haven't had the time, I fear,
To escalate my debt.

The scale can not yet weigh me.
It only would betray me,
Like drops of rain, delay me.
I'd plummet with the rest.

I'll escalate my sinning.
I'll repel the prophets, grinning.
I'll defend what's not worth winning.
I'll descend among the best.

The end is near! The end is near!
I'm still not ready yet
I haven't had the time, I fear,
To pay off all this debt.


The present comes, shabbily dressed and shuffling,
To greet me every morning.
Sometimes I do not let it in.
I lock doors and windows or leave without warning
And spend the day sitting someplace far away.
Seraphic serenity is the only price I pay
For such indulgence...

But other times I have no choice.
The present seems to have septuple the voice
And it calls me back
For a setose sermon
On responsibility.

I just grin
And offer it another cup of coffee
While planning my escape.

6th February 2007

11:42pm: That'll be the day
A deviant orator would favor silence,
No doubt.
Hold everyone captive without constraint.
No restraints.
No placation.
Just a well timed...
That never ended.
Thus would be formed the ultimate sect
To draw in all us world weary,
All us talk tired,
All us faceless masses
Yearning to be quiet.

6th January 2007

12:37am: quote
"Looking closer can make something beautiful. Sometimes I can change how I feel about something by drawing it. Drawing makes me find the curves, the shadows, the ins and outs, and the beautiful parts. I solved my hating snakes by drawing their scales, tiny and silvery, overlapping and overlapping, until all I saw was how perfect they were." -from Rules by Cynthia Lord


17th December 2006

6:37pm: Quote
"American business has long been a consumer of smart people." -from The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis by Edward E. Gordon.

That's probably more true than the author intended it to be. *Munch munch munch*

13th December 2006

11:33am: Another quote
"A student of German male clothing in the twentieth century will be struck immediately by the German bent toward national uniqueness. There's not merely the oddity of lederhosen. There's this: during the 1930's, and doubtless before, the public executioner performed his function, by means of an ax, in full evening dress, wearing white tie and tails, with silk top hat and white gloves." -from Uniforms: Why We Are What We Wear by Paul Fussell
11:29am: Quotes
"In 1950 the new Air Force uniform was ready. There was little difference between the outfits of officers and men except the insignia. But the Air Force found it did have to make one significant change. The old tradition of manly shoulder patches would have to go. Some of the old ones had been openly warlike, if not sadistic, depicting skulls, demons, devils, and pirates. But the new shoulder patches were politically corrected, and one squadron, which prided itself on its emblem of a pirate wearing the conventional eye patch, had to get rid of the eye patch, lest someone visually challenged be offended. Not merely a hitherto unheard-of egalitarianism, this new sentimentality was beginning to dominate the world of military uniforms, and soon the idea that the function of soldiers was to kill human beings, sometimes including women and children, became profoundly embarrassing, if not unthinkable." -from Uniforms: Why We Are What We Wear by Paul Fussell

"Diversity within boundaries isn't really diversity, it's unity. Even if not very often, diversity has to violate boundaries." -from The Armies of Memory by John Barnes

7th October 2006

12:38am: quote
"No one in their family took the direct approach, preferring to flutter in wordless sympathy about a sufferer, like a moth around a candle flame, getting its wings singed. It was as if they'd all signed a contract to keep things calm and even-paced, to never look beneath the surface where the bad things lurked. Unfortunately, no one had explained the consequences of this kind of contract, the way it left you alone with the things that mattered most, carrying them like a cupped handful of water." -from The Lottery by Beth Goobie

29th September 2006

1:01pm: Eyes
Take off your glasses and the whole world goes soft,
Gentle like.
Can't get hurt by what you can't see,
Long as you stay out of the road,
Glowing balls of filigreed gold
Blazing to the horizon.
Why would you give this up
To have eyes that work?

4th September 2006

1:22am: Silence
The thoughts of others
Precede me to eternity
And I think them, too.
There are just six billion ways to see
Give or take a few.
The thoughts of others
Light this jagged path
I'll follow to its jagged ends.
No matter how I do the math
I'm short six billion friends.
The thoughts of others
Are all we really have.

31st July 2006

12:57pm: Just another Monday poem
It's another resurrection
The past never dies it just reverberates
And I am a transference of recurrent
DNA drives
Not yet deprived
Of motion
Only the way dawn is eternal
And the eagle's cry
It's all an illusion
Deception of the senses
It's all real
This is all there is
Mutually exclusive

26th July 2006

11:18am: quote
"A half-brained child on the Internet is not a dream now, but when I talked about this possibility three years ago it sounded too good to be true!" -from Half a Brain is Enough: The Story of Nico

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